/ developer / interactive designer

Marcelo Armendáriz, Lolo.
Developer dedicated to Interactive Installations, Design and Visual Applications. An occasional VJ
Also videogames and toys collector.
Lolo lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Processing , OpenFrameworks , Quartz Composer, Objective C , vvvv, Actionscript

mail: lolo[at]



The works presented here are part of my experience as developer (freelance and in-house), some of this based on briefs or requests of the customers.
Also were done in coworking with friends.
Good english translations in progress :)
I will be uploading more work shortly

Nike AIR Show (2010)

A competition where running shoes float in the air and are propelled by the participants blowing into the computers┬┤ microphones, all was streamed in a web especially developed for this experience.

Andes Friend Recovery (2010)

Telepresence (audio/video) for a local Beer, designed for hanging with friends remotly, has head control , and the face of the remote friend was mapped into bot's face.

Samsung Be Smart (2010)

Reactable-like stand to show in a fun and easy way the features of the new Android phones of Samsung. Having 3 models of cellphones to check their features. Every feature was a different interactive experience.

Pampers Video Booth (2010)

The experience has two apps, one was an interactive floor, where the kids can play 3 differents games. While the other app records with 3 cameras and mix in realtime the experience, the output video has a soundtrack and is uploaded to Youtube.

600K "To no vicio (2011)"

During a marathon a few days marathon in Brasil, the runners was tracked with rfid. When the runners go through specifici points, a pro camera take 16 pictures and made a animated GIF, immediately this gif was upload to the TW and Facebook account of the runner.

Patria Tecnopolis (2012)

Applications for Ministry of Education, like control telepresence microrobots, mapping, video station, running in Netbooks that are granted to the students by the government.

BSAS Fashion Week (2012)

A photo sequence was shoot in the fashion runway and was posted into Facebook and Twitter of the participants, based on previous data registration and association with RFID.

Retro Snacks (2013)

Play Simon vs a Vending machine located into a mall using an app specialy made (ios/android).

Rhythmic Bathrooms (2013)

Music sequencer made with bathrooms for a local music event.

Test: YPF Touch App (2015)

Made with openFrameworks has some data visualization and generative content. For my friends at +otros.

Bosco Table (2015)

Made with VVVV has some data visualization,generative content based on the tracking and detection of people. For my friends at +otros.

Twitter Visualization (2015)

App made with Quartz Composer for visualize Twitter, in a local League of Legends Tournament.

Rock de las Abejas (2015)

Through this experience, the public will have the opportunity to learn and interpret this type of coummunication used by bees.
for Estudio Biopus

MIDI Lighthing (2016)

With Mene and Magui made this little system to control ligths using MIDI Notes, with Arduino working as MIDI Device.
Magui's Site Mene's Site

Ratio Reflexionis (2016)

With my friend Roy Macdonald made this interactive wall,in openFrameworks, for Trimex at BudLab Santiago. 3 Kinects and a lot of differentes customizable scenes.
Roy's Site

MunichRe (2016)

My part of this job was the Interactive Wall with data visualization. In collab with my friends r3nder and manolo.
r3nder's Site

Some Generative Work (2010 ~)

Stills results of generative code with Processing.

Every day GIFS (2015 ~ )

I use Quartz Composer and Processing to make animated GIFS.