Mixed media (vintage tv, internet, custom electronic device)
Variable Dimensions

Twittera, is a device that allows you to view tweets on a TV and in real time. With an aesthetic that evokes the first home computers and consoles, and the idea of home appliance - furniture.
The work invites us to think about a parallel decade of the '80. An era in which Twitter existed but, unlike today, was viewed through a television. Twittera has a composite video output that must be plugged into the TV and an Ethernet input to guarantee access to the Internet.
It connects to a private server where it obtains Tweets related to historical events that occurred in the 80s in Argentina: #GuerraDeMalvinas, #Democracia and # Mundial86. While Twittera is on you will get the latest Tweets linked to these events.
The public can choose between these using a "hashtags selector" on its front panel.

Technical requirements
Internet connectivity without VPNs or blocked ports through an RJ45 connector and a TV with RCA video input.
Also a 220v plug.